The Dunning-Kruger Effect

All too often in the outdoors, I have had a confidence only the clueless can possess, and I have charged into situations that, had I actually been competent, I would never have contemplated, writes Wild’s Editor James McCormack.


Cooloola Eco Cabins Threat

We received a Letter to the Editor from David Thomas on the threat that lodge development imminently poses in QLD’s Great Sandy NP. It was too long to run in the magazine, and was too important to cut down. So we’re putting it up online.


Racing to Save Ben Boyd NP

Ben Boyd National Park on NSW’s Far South Coast is a place of beauty and wildness. But now the park is being threatened by development along its Light to Light Walk, with large lodges planned for pristine sections of the coastline. Development is planned to commence in May; stopping it is a race against time, writes Mick Ripon.


Book Review: The Untold Story of Naming Kosciuszko

Just how was it that a Polish resistance hero gave his name to Australia’s highest peak? Who accompanied Count Strzelecki almost to the summit when he made the first recorded ascent of Mt Kosciuszko in March 1840? How did the expedition come about? And how, may anyone who has been there ask, did they find their way up Hannels Spur, that 1700m climb on the west face of the Main Range? The answer to these and other questions can be found in a new book James Macarthur—The Untold Story of Naming Kosciuszko.


Q+A with illustrative mapmaker Alex Hotchin

In Wild Issue #176, Winter 2020, we featured the work of Alex Hotchin, a mapmaker who gave us ‘Larapinta Dreaming’, her unique take on central Australia’s iconic trail. After growing up in the outback and attending School of the Air, Alex is now based in Melbourne, from where she creates stunningly beautiful maps for clients around the world. She has also been exhibited in Istanbul, New York, Morocco, Japan, and, of course, Melbourne. Alex recently took the time out to answer some questions from Wild’s editor, James McCormack about her background, her work, and mapmaking itself.


The Therapy of Hiking

I regularly pee in the woods. I’m not particularly proud of this, however this is where I am at with my life. I am not a gym junkie or church going. I am well past the school-gate mums group. I am not a joiner. But I have joined a women’s only hiking group. Within this Read More

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