Kid speak: “Why the outdoors is good for me”

Kids in nature. The benefits may seem obvious to ‘grown ups’ and they are widely reported on. But what’s going on inside the minds of children who have experienced these benefits directly? Do they realise the enormous potential of the outdoors for their development? During the summer school holidays, I spent a couple of weeks Read More


An argument for limiting walker access

One of the things most people love about bushwalking is finding some peace and quiet in a beautiful, wild place. Possibly this was not the experience most walkers had when 200 of them crammed into the Overland Track’s Waterfall Valley Hut, designed for just 24, and nearby tent sites one night. Environment These spikes in Read More

Hikers at top of mountain, Shutterstock.

Work hard, hike hard

There’s a reason why an increasing number of people trade in their collar and tie each weekend for a pair of boots and a backpack. John Feeney of The Hiking Society explores the thinking behind the trend, while encouraging others to take up the habit.


Trip report: Larapinta

Tim Easton shares his experience of walking the Larapinta Trail in August this year, including his notes and reflections on the deep cultural history embedded within the landscape.

Sea turtle Leslie Cory.

Sea turtles in distress

As ocean temperature and acidity rises, populations of sea turtle species are under increasing pressure. Leslie Cory recently spent a couple of weeks with a turtle research team to discover the extent of the problem.

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