Daily Archives: March 30, 2019


Toilet Talk

RUSSELL BROWN takes detailed and intimate look at the very private and personal process of relieving oneself and dealing with the resultant deposits while communing with nature in the Australian bush.


Into The Wild with Wild’s New Editor

Wild Issue #170 marks the passing of the baton, with new editor James McCormack taking over the editorial reigns of Wild. A huge thanks to Campbell (our previous Editor) for ensuring Wild continued as such a great mag under his stewardship. Campbell will continue as editor-at-large and focus on our environmental editorial. 

James has been a long time adventure and travel writer and you have may have seen some of his stories and photos in previous editions of Wild. While this current issue has been a little getting to you (started hitting shelves this week), we hope you’ll like some of the new design changes we’ve been making over the past months.

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