Light and strong. 

(This review originally featured in Wild #191, Autumn 2024)

 By James McCormack.

We all know—OK, most of us know—that light is right when it comes to gear. But space is a not insubstantial issue either, which is why is great to see that MSR has considered both when it comes to its redesigned and expanded range of Titan ultralight cookware. The entire range is made from titanium, which has half the weight of steel but twice the strength of aluminium, and it’s all designed to nest together better than ever before.

Starting with its redesigned Titan Kettles, there are two new sizes—1400 and 900mls—both of which can fit MSR’s Pocket Rocket Stoves and MSR’s fuel canisters. The 1400ml kettle weighs just 153g, and the 900ml version 126g; both have silicone folding handles, improved pouring spouts, and interior gradation lines—perfect for figuring out exactly how much water you need to pour into your freeze-dried meals. Yum!

Also redesigned has been the Titan Cup. At 450ml, it too has interior gradation lines, and it can double-function as an ultra-minimalist 68g cook pot for solo adventurers who want to go lighter than ever. Most, however, will want to use it for its primary function, that as a robust ultralight cup, for which it has a removable silicone lip saver along with silicone folding handles.
New to the range is the 116g Titan Double Wall Mug. Despite its double walls and resultant heat retention—which will keep your miso soup, coffee, tea et al hotter than ever—it’s still light enough for gram-saving adventurers. And its plastic BPA-free lid will help keep your drinks warm even longer.

Also new is the 19g Titan long spoon, designed with an extra-long handle to be able to dig into the deep corners of any freeze-dried meal packet. There’s the spork as well, which MSR says can be clipped on a carabiner for on-the-go hang-ability (but let’s face it, you’d need to be seriously time-pressed for this to be a consideration). More relevant, however, is its featherlight 15g weight and its durability. (Yes, I’ve snapped a plastic spoon out bush).
All in all, it’s a well-thought-out set, with its nesting capabilities allowing significant reductions in volume, and the titanium allowing significant reductions on weight. Expect to see it on sale in Australia in April 2024.

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