Super tough. Environmentally conscious. 

(This review originally featured in Wild #190, Summer 2023)

 By Ryan Hansen.

There’s a bit to unpack about Scarpa’s new offering in the bushwalking-boot department, the Mescalito TRK Planet GTX, not the least of which is the name (what a mouthful!). But don’t let this bamboozle you; there’s a lot to love about them. And what better place to start than with their most appealing feature: their ‘greenness’.

With the Mescalito TRK Planet GTX, Scarpa’s gone all-out in its goal of manufacturing the most sustainable trekking boot, hence—or, at least, I think—the name’s reference to the ‘planet’. Not one, not two, but all three of the major construction components (the upper, inner, and sole) comprise a large percentage of recycled product: The Perspair upper contains 45% recycled materials; the Vibram Ecostep Evo tread incorporates 30% re-used rubber; even the Bluesign-certified lining is made from 98% recycled Gore-Tex! Upon unboxing, this was evident in the sole; you can literally see small chunks of re-used rubber in its speckled appearance.

Importantly, the large amount of recycled fabrics doesn’t impede strength or durability. On a recent mission in the Victorian Alps, my Mescalitos withstood all my attempts to smash, bash, scrape and slice the bits out of them; the Perspair upper, which contains various types of yarn, is especially abrasion resistant. It feels amazingly tough, like it’s kevlar, or the type of material some YouTuber would make a video about seeing whether or not they could cut it. The upper is then reinforced by a strong rand, which seamlessly blends into a tough toe box. And while, relative to Scarpa’s full-leather SL Active boots, the Vibram Ecostep Evo tread is moderately lugged, it’s still seemingly much tougher and hard-wearing than my other boots’ soles. I expect to get some serious use out of them before needing a re-sole. And, what’s more, at 670g per boot, they’re surprisingly light for their strength.

In terms of comfort, the Mescalito TRK Planet GTX was able to accommodate my relatively broad feet, and where other similar boots can feel like walking on concrete, not so with the Mescalitos. On the downside, though, for me at least, a pressure point formed on the crease line. It’s possibly just because the upper is soooo tough. Careful lacing reduced the problem, but it didn’t eliminate it entirely, and while I wouldn’t say it was a deal breaker for me, nor would I say I won’t keep wearing them, it’s not ideal. That said, there’s every chance they just need more breaking in (I’ve worn them about ten days), and I doubt everyone will experience this hassle.

Environmentally conscious, durable, and strikingly orange (an azure blue option is available too), the Mescalito TRK Planet GTX is a worthy addition to any bushwalker’s footwear collection.




Multi-day bushwalking


Yes, 3L Gore-tex-lined




1340g (42)