Australia’s longest running wilderness adventure magazine has been purchased and is beginning its next phase of development.

Earlier this year, Wild announced it was seeking expressions of interest from anyone who would consider taking on a magazine with 35-plus years of print heritage in the outdoors space.

That call drew plenty of interest, but it was Sydney-based entrepreneur and outdoors enthusiast Roland Handel that succeeded in acquiring the publication.

“Wild continues to be an inspiration and useful resource to anyone in the Australian adventure space,” said Handel. “It’s also becoming apparent that it’s a much-needed, independent voice for conservation at a time when the environment is increasingly threatened by industry.”

The avid paddler and bushwalker said that he believes Wild has a bright future, and that he’s open to taking on board any and all feedback from casual readers, regular subscribers and advertisers as he prepares to update the publication for modernity.

“The magazine has a strong heritage and will continue to thrive as long as we ensure it attracts new readers, without detriment to the existing readership.

“This will include increasing the amount of the great adventure features and Track Notes it already supplies, while continuing to innovate in digital offerings.”

In acquiring Wild, Handel has also acquired the skills of its editor of two-and-a-half years, Campbell Phillips, as well as those of its regular contributors.

“It’s a great team and we’re looking to make it even greater. I’m truly excited about what the next few months will bring as we prepare our refreshed look and feel.

“Beginning with issue 160, the magazine will feature updates to the design as well as a larger quantity of Track Notes and other useful content.”

You can have your say on what material will appear in Wild via the new reader survey.