The Launceston Walking Club (LWC) is celebrating 60 years of its popular Do You Know Tasmania slideshow showcasing the state’s pristine areas.

First hosted in 1954 to raise funds to maintain the club truck, LWC’s regular audiovisual presentations have become a highlight in the community calendar.

The group’s vast image archive reveals changes both to the Tasmanian landscape and in bushwalking fashion and technology since the 1950s.

Club member Ian Ross said: “The club is unique in that it has this longstanding tradition of presenting public wilderness shows, which has enabled it to own and run its own transport for members.”

The idea for the slideshows came from early member John Miller (pictured), an avid photographer now in his 80s. He said: “Through the shows we have helped to spread the word about how wonderful Tasmania is for the bushwalker, and I think we have done a reasonable job.”