Wild #191 is on sale now

I have a big call to make: I think collectively the 2023 issues of Wild had the best imagery of any year in the mag’s 43-year history. That’s right—ever! There were so many amazingly, inspirationally photographed stories that I just don’t think any other year can beat it.

But 2024 is starting off similarly strong, kicking off with Wild #191, Autumn (which just went to the printers). For starters, wait ‘til you see this issue’s photo essay on the Kimberley. Photographer Ben Broady was born and bred in the area, and has over the years amassed a collection of scenic local imagery that’s simply mind-blowing. Moving on, there’s a spectacular feature photographed by Martin Bissig about mountain biking around Pakistan’s K2. I guarantee it’s not only MTB-ers that’ll appreciate this one; the mountain scenery is just breathtaking. And nor do you need to be a caver to appreciate the amazing underground imagery in this issue’s cover story, in which photographer Neil Silverwood gives us the lowdown on caving in NZ’s South Island. Then there are Ryan Hansen’s photos from Mt Anne. Wow! What a walk; so much stunning scenery packed into just four days! Dean Miller’s ventures on foot on the subantarctic islands of Campbell and Enderby were shorter still, just a day on each, but again, the photography is inspirational.


It’s not all about imagery though. There’s a great profile on Taswegian educator, photographer, conservationist and adventurer Peter Marmion. An important conversation with ecologist Mark Graham about the threats facing NSW’s Mid-North Coast. A history on how the Tasmanian masked owl is saving the Tarkine. The backstory of a very funny photo inspired by another very funny photo that ran in Wild back in the 90s. A story on how running the Gibb River Road forced a change in perspective. And there’s the harrowing tale of how one Wild reader fell while climbing QLD’s Mt Barney, but only found out after he’d got home that he’d broken his neck.


On top all this, there are thoughtful opinion pieces, our awesome columnists, Green Pages, our Wild Shot, and more. To make sure you don’t miss it, subscribe now.


Check out below some of the spreads from the issue!