Nemo Tensor Ultralight Insulated Regular Mummy Sleeping Pad

Wow! Try saying this sleeping pad’s name ten times, in the cold, out bush somewhere, while trying to fall asleep. I dare you!

But that’s half the joy of Nemo’s latest line-up of ultralight sleeping pads. You see, the Tensor range comes in ten different configurations, from a short mummy, mummy, regular, wide and long wide. And then for each different size, you can choose either insulated or non-insulated. And so explains the exorbitantly long—yet completely accurate—title of this product.

While each Tensor model offers a different size, weight and insulation configuration, underpinning the entire range are the same core technologies. All are made using lightweight 20D polyester and similarly lightweight construction methods. The Regular Mummy (what I’m testing) weighed in at 425g, just over the published 410g weight, although when you add in all the extra bits (stuff sack, straps, inflation bag), the total weight is closer to 500g (still very respectable for an Ultralight).

The pads all use Nemo’s spot-welded Spaceframe baffle system, a design that allows the metalised insulating layer to hang from the baffles rather than being welded to the inner liner. This reduces the crinkle-sound when rolling around at night, common in many other metalised insulated pads.

The pads also incorporate Nemo’s zero-profile, multi-functional valve. While the valve is easy to use (insert one valve to inflate, remove both valves to deflate), herein also lies my only real criticism of the pad. Accidentally pull off both valves (while unlikely to come out themselves, pulling both off accidentally isn’t impossible) and BOOM, the bag instantly deflates. Awesome for getting back on the trail quickly; a real b*itch if you’re pumping a little more air in during the night and you pull the wrong valve. The valve is also a little difficult to blow up manually (ie wrapping your lips around the valve). Instead, Nemo have included their Vortex pump sack. The theory is you breathe into the sack normally and then use that to inflate the pad. I found this worked okay, but it’s still much faster to blow up the pad directly, despite having to suck the valve (about 15 big breaths for me).

At 8cm thick, the pad is fat for an ultralight, and I found it really comfortable. The mummy design feels a tad narrow, although all the larger models overcome this. A velcro strap allows the pad to be really compressed, down to a size smaller than a 1L water bottle.

Need to know

Intended use: 3 season (-7 to -12C)

Thickness: 8 cm

Dimensions: 183x51x8cm

Packed dimensions: 20 x 7.5cm dia

Weight (with all accessories): 500g

RRP: $239.95

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