KEITH Ti6017 Titanium Cook Set

Lighten up.

 Review by Ryan Hansen

(This story originally featured in Wild #181, Spring 2021)

I think at some point, many—if not most—bushwalkers take a good hard look at their backpacks and think, Why are you so heavy?! Upon investigation, the normal culprits are tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, and food. But have you considered cutting down weight through your cookware?

I hadn’t. I’d always thought the weight saving would be minimal at best. But then I picked up Keith’s Ti6017 Titanium cook set, with a combo 1.25L pot and 800ml pan. I was honestly surprised at how light it was—just 230g. That’s 200g lighter than my trusty 1400ml stainless steel billy. It mightn’t sound like much, but when I held Keith’s cook set in one hand and my old billy in the other, the difference was stark.

That wasn’t the only surprise. Titanium’s strength allows for thin-walled designs, which in turn means better heat transfer, which in turn means—and here’s the important bit—quicker times for me to boil a cuppa while out on the trail. I’m not joking here. I tested it. For my stainless steel billy, the time to bring 250ml of water to boil was 1 minute, 30 seconds. With Keith’s 1.25L pot, it took 1:07. Not only do I get a cuppa in a jiffy, I use less fuel to do so.

Now, titanium cookware’s high heat transfer means it sometimes cops a bad rap for creating hot spots and burning food; as a result, some people reckon it’s only good for boiling water. I disagree. While it’s true that titanium cookware is well suited to people who eat freeze-dried meals or who drink lots of tea (like me!), you can still cook meals in them by stirring judiciously, keeping the stove heat low, and opting for more liquid-based meals. And anyway, if anything does stick, since this pot and pan are made from pure, uncoated titanium, you can always scour them clean.

Some other noteworthy features: At 1.25L, the pot is big enough—just—for my wife and I to cook a decent meal for the two of us. Also, the large diameters of the pot and pan provide good stability on a stove. And while the folding handles have a bit of play in them, titanium itself is pretty damn strong, and certainly less ‘dingable’ than aluminium. Oh, and besides the 1.25L and 800ml capacities, there’s a bunch of other shapes and sizes—both bigger and smaller—to choose from. And if the cookset alone is not enough weight-saving for you, Keith also makes titanium bowls, mugs, sporks, and even—for the ultimate weight weenie—chopsticks!



Capacity: 1250ml (pot); 800ml (pan)

Weight (as tested): 123g (pot); 107g (pan); 230g (total)

RRP: $179.95

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