Exped’s new Line-up

A simplified selection process, plus sustainable materials.


While Exped has been making innovative sleeping mats for decades, “choosing a sleeping mat had become too complicated for everyone: consumers, buyers, sales reps and salespeople,” says Tracy Collins, Exped USA’s Director of Sales. Not only that, the company had been receiving feedback that the lack of industry standards concerning R-Values (the measure of insulative capacity, which in turn indicates the relative ‘warmth’ of a sleeping mat) was causing confusion for customers.

So when Exped decided to reinvent its backpacking mat line for 2022, one of the prime goals was to simplify the mat selection process for consumers. The company narrowed the procedure down to just two criteria: First, decide on your primary use; secondly, choose the warmth you require. In terms of use priority, there are now three lines: Ultra (when weight and packed size are critical); Dura (when toughness and abrasion resistance are paramount); and Versa (when you’re after something budget-friendly). Once you’ve decided on the line, you then select the warmth level by choosing an R-value. The higher the R-value, the warmer the mat. There are also options for choosing contoured or rectangular shapes.

But it’s not only the selection process that’s changed for 2022; the fabrics have been entirely updated. Importantly, every mat is now made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. It keeps plastic out of landfills and uses less water, energy and carbon to produce. What’s more, the entire line is certified climate neutral. This includes not just the materials, but also all manufacturing and shipping processes.

Exped’s new Ultra, Dura and Versa mats are available in selected stores now, and Australia-wide by May. To find stockists, contact Expedition Equipment (02-94175722) or learn more at