In the past 20 years, state and federal governments have invested more than $10 million in trying get rid of feral carp in Tasmania’s waterways.

The management program began in 1995 after European carp (Cyprinus carpio) were discovered in Lake Crescent and Lake Sorrell and as yet it’s believed the species has failed to spread any further.

Yesterday, a press release from the environment minister’s office announced the state and federal governments have pledged a further $1.37 million in continued support of Tasmania’s carp management program.

The program has been successful in eradicating carp from Lake Crescent and current estimates suggest the Lake Sorrell population should be nearly eradicated by 2018.

“With the additional funding both governments are contributing, we are aiming to take a step closer to making Tasmanian waters carp free,” said Minister Hunt.

Tasmanian deputy premier and minister for primary industries and water Jeremy Rockliff highlighted the contribution of the Tasmanian government in supporting the carp management program.

“The Tasmanian government has worked hard and has invested more than $8 million to eradicate carp from Tasmanian waters over the past 20 years,” he said.