Jerry in Hampi Local

Vikas, AKA ‘Jerry’, is the featured climber in the online short film ‘Hampi Local’.

In attracting over 20,000 views in the space of one month, an online video featuring the talent of one Indian climber has captured the imagination of the international climbing community.

Produced by UK climbing enthusiasts Lee James Thompson and Julia Clark, the video’s release has been timed to coincide with the beginning of the climbing season in Hampi, India (which is where the video was filmed). More than promoting the location (which has been a renowned destination since 2003 when ‘Pilgrimage’ featuring Chris Sharma was released), the pair also hope to promote the talent of the local climber to the world stage.

The climber, whose name is Vikas but more frequently goes by ‘Jerry’, also happens to co-own the local climbing shop. Clark and Thompson believe Jerry’s own journey to becoming a local success is inspirational in its own right.

“Despite growing up in one of the world’s greatest bouldering fields, Jerry only found climbing after meeting Hugo, a visiting Spanish climber,” they explain. “They met on the ghats, Hugo waiting for one of Hampi’s temperamental local ‘ferries’, Jerry peddling postcards, like so many local lads. A friendship was formed, with Hugo teaching Jerry – a quick learner – the basics of the sport. This climbing partnership has endured, with the duo now developing new areas in Hampi, such as the softer, kinder ‘White Balls’. But, as Hugo explains in the film, these days Jerry is climbing 8a, and is often mentor rather than mentee.”

The pair are now working on a plan to sponsor a trip for Jerry to visit the bouldering fields of Yorkshire, UK. As such, we can expect another film to appear in about one year’s time.

Watch ‘Hampi Local’ online to get inspired.