In announcing a new partnership with the Massive Murray Paddle, Transport for NSW has also launched a free, online paddle sport safety course.

Developed for the Australia and New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group, the online course is part of a broader push to focus on safety in a group of activities that doesn’t require participants to pass a license or undergo specific training.

In conjunction with the release of the online course, Transport for NSW has said it will also provide on-water and operational support to the 404-kilometre Massive Murray Paddle with the help of the Centre for Maritime Safety.

Spokesman for Transport for NSW, Neil Patchett said the motivation for the activity was all about water safety.

“To help people starting out in paddling, Transport for NSW has put together a free introductory online paddle safety course,” said Patchett, who works for the Centre for Maritime Safety.

“The paddle safety course is interactive and provides important safety advice on the right equipment, paddling techniques and boating rules.”

Managing director for the Massive Murray Paddle, Shannon O’Brien said the support of Transport for NSW will help increase awareness for the event and for the importance of paddle safety.

“Paddle sports are growing in popularity with around 4000 new paddle craft sold across NSW each year,” O’Brien said.

“Paddling is a great way to keep fit, is low cost and can be done with friends and family of all ages.”

For more details about the Massive Murray Paddle 2016, see our news release on the subject.