Serial entrepreneur and vocal business personality Dick Smith once had plans to develop Remarkable Lodge at Crescent Bay, south of Port Arthur.

The plans didn’t go ahead despite approval being received in 2008, with Smith citing the years of local operation and legal battles arising from the plans.

Six months ago, Dick Smith sold the property to his son-in-law, James Baillie who now appears set to go ahead with the proposed development regardless of its history.

Operating eco-lodge business, Baillie Lodges, the new owner appears well-placed to proceed with developments and has approached the Tasman Council to proceed with the original plans, which include 20 suites, a wellness retreat, restaurant, bar, conference facilities and wilderness experiences.

Speaking to the ABCMayor Roseanne Heyward said the plans for Remarkable Lodge would be given the go ahead once a building permit was presented.

Heyward noted the success of the Three Capes Track development as increasing interested in the region.

“We had a huge season this season and we do not have enough accommodation, so any accommodation will be a bonus,” she said.

But not everyone is happy with the lack of up-to-date environmental impact assessments being completed for these renewed development, with Peter McGlone from the Tasmanian Conservation Trust saying that the plans should be drawn up afresh.

In particular, McGlone noted the existence of two white-bellied sea eagle nests in close proximity to the proposed development, with one less than 50 metres away.

“They really should reconsider the development, reassess it from scratch and move all the buildings much further away from the eagles.

“This was never an appropriate place to house such a large tourism development, where people are going to be accommodated and workers housed, year round,” McGlone said.