A digital collection of historic images will be published online by the British Mountaineering Council, with the project being spearheaded by founder of Rab mountain clothing, Rab Carrington.

The National Archive of Historic Mountaineering Images, to be officially launched at the Kendal Mountain Festival in November, will be searchable and will also contain images taken by plate glass photography some 160 years ago.

Carrington told BBC News Scotland that the archive will highlight the changes in climbing gear and apparel over the years.

“We have already obtained permission to put a range of images from the Alpine Club and Fell and Rock, and the Abraham Brothers family will be making a strong contribution,” he said.

“The Climbers Club have also chipped in with some 1950s images of Gwen Moffat climbing in the style of that day.”

Gwen Moffat is renowned as the UK’s first female mountain guide.

“The archive will show how styles of climbing have changed over the last 150-160 years, from the use of hobnail boots to plimsolls and bare feet to the footwear worn by today’s climbers,” Carrington said.

The BMC has committed to offering unfettered access to the gallery for anyone to browse and discover more about the history of British alpinism, and regular updates means there will be more material added to the archive on a regular basis.

For the many climbing and mountaineering clubs in the UK, this resource will act as a useful platform for preserving their photographic records in perpetuity.