Gloryfy G3 Devil – $289.95

Gloryfy is a relatively new Austrian brand, and was unknown to me until late 2015. The key selling point that the brand is pushing is the ‘unbreakable’ nature of their glasses, and from my experience the brand’s claims appear to be true.

How many times have you, or one of your friends, sat on a pair of glasses, or packed them in the wrong way on a trip and then had to squint through the glare of the summer sun for the rest of the journey? I can personally count half-a-dozen occasions that this has happened. The last two mountaineering seasons I’ve had to tape together pairs of glasses that I’ve broken. When there has been gaffer tape available to patch them together I manage, but other times the lenses have been so shattered that they’re irreparable.

For people who go ski-touring, mountaineering or do water-sports, you’ll know that a good pair of sunglasses is essential. Snow blindness is a real and very painful problem if you try to get by without sunglasses in snowy terrain. For all of the mountaineering and extended ski-touring trips that I’ve been on, I have always made sure to pack at least one spare pair of glasses between myself and my climbing partner. So if these are truly unbreakable, then I will be very pleased. I guess it won’t stop me from potentially losing them, but that’s a risk that can’t really be overcome by the product itself.

I’ve been using a pair of Gloryfy’s G3 model for three months, and I’ve been pretty (deliberately) careless with them to see how the go. So far, so good! They’ve been tossed into packs and thrown about without their case without even the slightest scratch. I can bend them and twist them without any troubles. The Paddy Pallin outdoor gear shop in Melbourne has had a similar pair of Gloryfy glasses on display for several months. They allow customers to try to break them. Rumour has it that they even ran over them with a car (I haven’t been able to verify this, however). So far, that pair of glasses is still unbroken. The lenses however have become scratched – but far less than I would expect given the torture they’re received!

From a mountaineering/ski-touring perspective, this particular style (G3) of glasses is ideal. They have a very comfortable fit, and wrap around quite close to your face, providing excellent protection from the glare that can otherwise come in from the sides of the glasses. This is a key factor for activities where there is very high levels of reflected light and glare (snow and water).

For those who are not looking for high-performance sports glasses, Gloryfy also makes a wide range of glasses in various styles (including fashion wear/street styles). If all of these styles are also unbreakable (and they say they are), then I’m pretty keen at looking for a second pair that I can just wear about town.

Key Points


  • They do seem unbreakable!
  • They came in a really robust case, which would keep even the most delicate of glasses safe – so if you were to use this, then they truly would be unbreakable
  • Interchangeable lenses (easy to do) – alternative lenses start at 39.00 Euro (online)
    • This is important (Can buy F4 for snow sports, Fogless Orange for low light, ‘transformer’ glasses that change with the light conditions, optically adjusted lenses for those who need glasses normally etc.)
    • There are a lot of lenses to choose from – so even if you do scratch lenses, they’re not too costly to replace
  • Numerous models and colours to choose from
  • G3 is a great fit for mountaineering/ snow sports when reflected light/glare is problematic


  • Just because they’re unbreakable doesn’t mean you can’t still lose them (I’d still carry one spare pair of glasses on any mountaineering trip)
  • The lenses can still be scratched, so it’s still wise to keep them in a case or cloth bag to protect them – particularly for polarised or mirrored lenses
  • They are expensive for a pair of sunglasses, but you’d only have to buy one pair so long as you don’t lose them. This is an investment I’d definitely make


Details direct from the official website:

  • Unbreakable lenses (Gloryfy I-Flex®)
  • Unbreakable frame (G-Flex®)
  • 100% optical quality
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection up to 400 nm
  • Perfect wearing comfort
  • Lighter than current synthetic materials
  • Highly elastic even under extreme of temperatures
  • Power Contrast due to mass-tinted lenses for contrast-rich and colourfast vision
  • Memory Effect – the frame and lenses always return to their original shape
  • Antifog coating
  • Made in Austria / EU Patent
  • Matt coated frame
  • The base 9 frame guarantees optimised closure of the glasses
  • Antiscratch coated unbreakable lenses
  • QCLS (quick change lens system)
  • Also available with optical correction (get more informations at your optician)
  • Lenses with polarisation-filter
  • I-Flex® TRIPOL lens anthracite F3: no light reflections, unbreakable and perfect contrast

International guarantee: “Your gloryfy sunglasses are covered by our gloryfy guarantee in accordance with the current warranty terms and conditions. The gloryfy warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects. Gloryfy sunglasses, if used as intended, are unbreakable. The unbreakable quality applies to the frames, side-pieces and lenses – i.e. all the components that make up a pair of sunglasses. Gloryfy sunglasses, thereby, guarantee absolute protection whatever your sport or recreational activity…”

Note that the following exclusions are placed on the warranty/guarantee: “Scratches and coatings, especially for mirror lenses. Damage from improper handling, lack of care or normal use. Damage to the lenses through improper cleaning”.