The Panda Child Carrier is a re-branded baby carrier from Czech company “Corazon”. Panda don’t try to hide this, as the Corazon logo is emblazoned across the back of the carrier. To be honest, I know very little about Corazon, other than what is available on their website, which isn’t a lot. Further, I know very little about baby carriers, so I am not comparing the Panda to the more expensive Osprey and Deuter carriers available online.

The Panda carrier itself weighs 2.8kg, has a carry capacity of up 20kg and 15L storage capacity. Padded shoulder straps and a nice thick padded waist belt allow weight to be nicely distributed. An internal slider allows you to adjust the shoulder straps to suit a parent from 5’2″ to 6’4″. I’m 6’5″ and the belt was a little too high. An aluminium frame can be folded out, so that the carrier sits flat on the ground, without your toddler toppling over. The frame doesn’t lock into place while walking, so the rattle of the aluminium on aluminium was a little annoying (although not too noticeable).

There is a really good size storage storage compartment under the baby seat, as well as additional zippered and mesh pockets. These were all really easy to access, even with the child on board.

However, the most important question is, how well did the carrier carry my three-old? The fact that she looked forward to climbing on board can only be a good thing. The seat is roomy, while still ensuring a good, secure fit. The seat height can be adjusted, and child further secured with a three-point fastener. I couldn’t get my daughter to use the foot stirrups.

Additional accessories include a sunroof cover (included), raincover, sleeping pillow, hip belt extender and mosquito net. I only tested the sunroof cover, which comes with the carrier. It certainly provides sun cover, however was a little low for my daughter and with limited ability to adjust the height, she kept pushing it away.

Despite the waist belt being a little too high (at full length), the Panda was still comfortable to carry. However, I didn’t carry my daughter for more than about 45-minutes at a time. Eighteen kilograms of child is still 18 kilograms, no matter what carrier you are using.

The Panda Child Carrier retails for $390, with free delivery in Australia, and a 30-day return policy.

The Panda Child Carrier is available online at: