One of the surest ways to have kids whine when they come out adventuring with you (especially on overnighters) is to have them hump around an uncomfortable pack. Problem is, good packs for kids aren’t necessarily easy to find; most manufacturers overlook the young ‘uns entirely. Not so Osprey, and they’ve just updated pretty most models in their children’s packs range. Within day pack models, there are a couple for hiking (the Jet 18, for kids aged 8-14, and the Hydrajet 12 for ages 4-12), a biking pack (the Moki 1.5, for ages 4-12), and the Daylite, an everyday pack for 4-12s. Both the Moki and the Daylite come with 1.5L fluid reservoirs.

Most excitingly for parent wanting to take kids out on overnighters, the Ace series has also been updated. There are 38L, 50L and 70L options for kids aged 5-17; all come with a feature set that matches adult packs. They’re highly adjustable too, and the suspension system has been revamped to allow more intuitive sizing tweaks. The back panel is tension meshed as well, meaning more ventilation and fewer complaints about sweaty backs.

But there’s something else that makes these updates exciting. Osprey has started the process of switching over the source materials for their packs to recycled materials, and it will happen with their adult packs over the next few years. The kids pack range, however, is one of the first in Osprey’s line up to make the move to recycled materials, which will adhere to Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The packs will also carry bluesign®-approved labels, ensuring they meet strict ecological and toxicological requirements to remove harmful substances during the manufacturing process. And the DWR used on the packs will be PFC free. Again, Osprey will implement these environmental initiatives across their product lines; it’s just the kids get it all first. It’s kind of cool in a way, because they’ll be the ones who will be the future stewards of the planet.


PS Look for a review of Osprey’s Ace 38L in an upcoming issue of Wild