The sounds and smells at the average campsite suggest bushwalkers are far from starving, I often note that they are starved of variety or subtle flavours. Desserts tend to involve instant custard or cheesecake mix, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Serves 2-4

10 Arnott’s Marie biscuits
¼ cup of butter
½ cup of desiccated coconut
¼ cup of lightly crushed walnuts
2 heaped dessert spoons of hot chocolate powder
½ cup of condensed milk
Cocoa powder and extra walnuts to garnish (optional)

Crush the biscuits and rub the butter through until it resembles breadcrumbs, then place in a plastic bag. Pack the coconut, walnuts and drinking powder together.

Place the biscuits and butter mixture into a one-litre pot and press evenly over the base of the pot. Place the pot over a low heat to toast the base for a minute or two. Remove and sprinkle the coconut, walnut and drinking chocolate powder mixture over the biscuits. Then pour the condensed milk over the top and cook in a double boiler. To create a double boiler, simply place a small amount of water in the largest pot you have and place your smaller pot containing the slice inside the larger. If your two pots nest snugly, make a small watertight cup out of foil for this purpose. Cover and bring to the boil, then simmer, adding more water to the larger pot periodically. Your slice should be ready within 10 minutes.