Rock climb

The AdventurePro film festival brings together short films featuring all kinds of outdoor pursuits.

AdventurePro’s annual film festival event launches at the end of the month, and so the organisation has announced the release of ‘early bird’ tickets.

Sharing the best adventure-based short films from Australian and New Zealand filmmakers, the AdventurePro Video Film Festival is returning for its third year in a row at the end of April.

According to AdventurePro project¬† manager Tony Barnett, this year’s entries “are the best yet”.

“I didn’t think the quality of the 2015 screenings could be matched, let alone topped, but we have a great range of short films lined up that I believe make for an even better show than last year.”

“In the tradition of previous years, the 2016 festival will again highlight the incredible passion and spirit people have for the outdoors and outdoor activities through touching narratives, amazing journeys, outdoor education stories and some stunning visuals,” Barnett said in a statement released earlier this week.

The festival ensures a high quality of entrants by putting up $1,000 as a cash prize, as well as thousands of dollars worth of gear and experience prizes for the winning films.

“We believe we have best line-up of locally made adventure based short films ever screened and we want you to see them at their best, so the premiere screening will be in full digital cinema splendour at the Mansfield Armchair Cinemas in Mansfield, Victoria where the winning films and prizes are revealed.”

Last year’s event was so successful, AdventurePro took the show on tour, scheduling events in Melbourne and Mount Buller.
For early bird ticket rates and further information on times and locations, visit the AdventurePro website.